Glen Brown | Lead Design Engineer

Glen Brown | Lead Design Engineer

From developing Explosive Testing Chambers to competing in Enduro events, Glen Brown has a background that may not fit your expectations of a Lead Design Engineer.

Glen moved to Australia in January but is originally from Namibia. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Pretoria University, an interest that was nurtured by his electrical engineer father and a childhood obsession with Lego. On completing his degree, Glen took a job at Sat-Com, one of his early jobs assisting in the development of an Explosive Atmosphere testing chamber for the military to verify and meet MIL-STD-810G standards

An avid enduro rider, Glen competed many times, including in the Bank Windhoek Namibia National Enduro Series. He loved riding in the mountains of nearby Lesotho until fatherhood and broken bones helped him to make it more of a weekend pursuit.

Glen is a welcomed asset to the team here at SixDe and we look forward to putting his global expertise at the disposal of our clients.

Lead Design Engineer | Glen Brown