Rollforming Machines

SixDe design and manufacture Rollforming machines for their clients and for SixDe’s own use. Our in-house capabilities are run by a well-experienced team with state-of-the-art machinery and workflows that ensure your product is delivered on time and on budget.  Successful rollforming requires robust finite element analysis software and understanding the material’s yield strength and elasticity.


SixDe offer rollforming services and machines for a variety of industry and fabrication needs.  We have an excellent reputation as a rollforming machine manufacturer,  offering rollforming machines for sale and executing projects in Western Australia with a list of clients from the construction, mining and oil and gas industries.  With a background in precision machining and manufacturing, including CNC Precision Machining in Perth, SixDe take pride in delivering simple, effective and affordable solutions for your needs.

Industry Applications

  • Automotive: Fenders, precipitator panels
  • Electrical: Conduits and cable trays
  • Military: Custom-fit vehicle additions
  • Architectural: Rapid-build framework
  • Railway & Trucking: Flooring and drip rails
  • Mining: Structural tubing and piping
  • Oil & Gas: Energy pipes and mechanical tubing
  • Warehousing: Industrial shelving
  • Solar: Framework and electrical conduits
Rollforming Maching - SixDe

The Benefits of Rollforming

Rollforming is a continuous metal forming process used to create shapes of identical cross-section.  The rollforming process ensures strength, rigidity and uniformity; essential for products that require precise performance and continuous, consistent form.


SixDe have an experienced team of operators and our equipment is well-maintained and serviced.  Rollforming provides perfectly consistent and predictable products and is a perfect solution for a variety of industries and applications.

Rollforming Reduces Cost

Rollforming machines have an extremely high productivity when balanced against other forms of manufacturing.  Rollforming reduces packaging, shipping and handling costs and can be integrated with a variety of other process operations to further improve productivity.


Rollforming is aided by CAD/CAM systems, allowing machines to work at maximum efficiency, reducing the need for human intervention and thereby eliminating labour costs.


If you have a project that requires rollforming, or you’re looking for a rollforming machine, get in touch with the experienced team at SixDe today.


Sixde’s other services include metal pressing in Perth, polyurethane mouldings and plastic injection moulding in Perth as well as metal stamping and metal rolling.

Roll Forming
If you’re interested in rollforming machines for sale in Perth, get in touch today.