Sixde Precision Engineering & CNC Machining

SixDe (formerly Groves Manufacturing & Tooling) provides services to clients who require customised precision machined components, manufactured in a range of materials from plastic to stainless steel.


We have direct CNC machine programming, metal pressing and plastic injection moulding available in house to ensure rapid and accurate interpretation of your drawings into finished parts at a competitive component cost – direct to you.


We provide high quality parts that fit first time every time (tolerances +/- 0.01mm if required) with the reassurance of client and technical support from our in-house specialists and the benefits of a flexible finance and leasing option.

Sixde Precision Engineering CNC Machining

Design & Manufacture


  • Vertical Machining Centres  Work Area: 1200mm x 600 x 620mm
  • Excetek Submerged Wire Cut EDM  Max Size: 850mm x 600mm x 255mm 
  • AgirTron EDM Plunger Max size: 260mm Diameter x 150mm
  • CNC Lathes With Live Tooling  Max size: 400mm Diameter x 600mm
  • Jacobsen Surface Grinder Machine  Grinding Capacity: 500mm x 250mm

CNC Machining

CNC Precision Machining (Computer Numerical Control) is a manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed computer software to dictate the movement of specialised machinery.


SixDe have a comprehensive CNC Machining capability, capable of creating precise parts per the specifications of our customers.  This means that the parts that you manufacture fit perfectly every time.  CNC Precision Machining is a perfect solution to ensure rapid interpretation of your drawings into finished parts at a competitive component cost.


If you need precision engineering in Perth at a competitive price, get in touch with the specialist team at SixDe today.

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