Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D printing has been eagerly awaited for many years. Today, SixDe is delighted to offer this hugely advantageous method of precision engineering with its many benefits. Our state-of-the-art, Markforged Metal X printing delivers the latest in atomic diffusion additive manufacturing technology. It’s used to construct complex parts in a variety of advanced metals.


This unique process has three very distinct ways that it benefits the manufacturing process:


1: Metal 3D Printing can Produce Parts that no other Machine or Process can


From ultra-complex elements to processed optimised, metal 3D printing produces shapes that simply aren’t possible with other precision machine methods. The underlying factor is that these parts have shapes, cavities and/or curves that more conventional platforms are unable to reproduce.


2. Metal 3D Printing Offers a Consistent High or Low Volume Cost


Unlike most other production methods, metal 3D printing costs remain the same, no matter how large or small the production run. This makes the process extremely viable for small and medium scale volumes.


The reason for this is that metal 3D printing is an automated process with minimal overhead costs. Whether a single or 100 products are produced, the system uses the same amount of consumables. Other processes, such as machining, forming and casting, have a reducing cost-per-part as the volumes get higher.


What this means is that metal 3D printing is far more economically viable for prototypes and small to medium-volume production runs.


3. Complex Part Geometry has no Bearing on Cost


Once again, in stark contrast to other platforms, complex part geometry doesn’t increase production costs. This is because the process is an additive one, rather than subtractive. In other words, while traditional machining relies on removing parts from a block of metal to create the final mould, metal 3D printing builds it from scratch.


Not only does this dramatically reduce the cost, but it’s also far quicker. The cost (and time) it takes to build a metal 3D printed part is mainly driven by the size of the part, rather than its complexity.


Great visual information can be seen in this Metal 3D Copper Timelapse video.


Why Use Sixde for your Metal 3D Printing Needs?


At Sixde, we don’t simply provide services, we believe in forging strong professional relationships with our customers through quality, integrity and service delivery. In addition to the many advantages that Metal 3D printing brings, our clients also benefit from the following:


  • Cutting-edge technology for all precision engineering processes. Our methods and machining capabilities are under constant review to ensure customers always have access to the latest technology
  • Unrivalled expertise within the precision machining industry
  • A strict customer-service model that ensures projects are delivered according to requirements
  • End-to-end service, from the design stage to delivery
  • Strict adherence to Australian and international standards


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