Based in Western Australia with a global distribution network, SixDe offers unparalleled expertise, bringing together nearly half a century of excellence in advanced manufacturing, prototyping and precision engineering solutions. We provide cutting edge end-to-end solutions to the energy, resources, robotics, major infrastructure, industrial, medical, defence and other sectors Australia-wide and beyond.


We can scale from mass manufacturing of individual precision components down to one-off complex equipment with options for convenient and rapid shipping from our facility to customers, so we can find a solution to fit your needs.



SixDe works with you every step of the way, from conceptual design through to production. Our in-house team assesses the best approach for your business or project, offering years of expertise and experience in precision machining and associated services.


Customers are assisted by our product development, engineering design and drafting, assembly, testing and maintenance services.


If your business needs a trusted partner for manufacturing processes – including precision machining, CNC machining, EDM plunger/sinker, EDM wire cutting, CNC cutting – then call today for a confidential discussion.

Metal work

Precision Machining

Your path to quality parts begins with SixDe’s customer service and attention to detail.  Our bespoke precision machining Perth service was established by industry specialists and continues to offer an unparalleled commitment to customer service and technical support.


Our in-house team are able to assess the best approach for your business or project, and offer years of expertise and experience in the precision machining industry.


If you need precision machined components at a competitive price, get in touch with the team at SixDe today.

Machined metal
For precision machining services in Perth, get in touch today.