Precision Machining

Accuracy & Consistency

Precision machining produces a huge number of both large and small objects that we use in daily life. Each intricate piece which makes up an object requires one level or another of a machinist’s skills. Likewise, a tool or machine that has been worn down will often require machine tool calibration, welding or grooving by a precision machinist.


From the production of aircraft aluminum alloys to surgical bone drilling devices and custom automotive tools, precision machining reaches into every technology and industry.  SixDe use the latest technology including CAD software (computer aided design) that uses software to translate complex 3-dimensional diagrams into precisely machined parts.


Precision machining can be used on a variety of materials including steel, bronze, graphite, glass or plastic.  At SixDe, we have a variety of lathes, milling machines, drill presses, saws and grinders to aid in the execution of your project.

SixDe Machinery for Precision Engineering

  • Mitseiki Vertical Machining Centre 
  • CNC Conversational Controller  
  • Excetek Submerged Wire Cut EDM  
  • Excetek CNC Controller
  • Eumach CNC Milling Machine  
  • Goodway CNC Lathe  
  • CNC Conversational Controller
  • Siemens – Sinumerik 828D Controller
  • Colchester Gap Bed Lathe 
  • Jacobsen Surface Grinder Machine 
CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Important to the process of precision machining is CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control).  SixDe CNC Machining in Perth use CNC Machining in our workflow, utilising  pre-programmed computer software to dictate the movement of specialised machinery. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders and industries like mining, automotive, oil and gas and construction employ the benefits of CNC machining to produce parts and components that are precise and affordable.


SixDe have a comprehensive CNC Machining capability, capable of creating precise parts per the specifications of our customers.  This means that the parts that you manufacture fit perfectly every time.  CNC Machining is a perfect solution to ensure rapid interpretation of your drawings into finished parts at a competitive component cost.


There are huge benefits to using CNC Machining. The process is more precise than manual machining, and can be repeated in exactly the same manner over and over again. Because of the precision possible with CNC Machining, this process can produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve with manual machining. CNC Machining is used in the production of many complex three-dimensional shapes.


If you need precision CNC Machined components at a competitive price, get in touch with the specialist team at SixDe today.

Quality Parts

Your path to quality parts begins with SixDe’s customer service and attention to detail.  Our bespoke precision machining service in Perth was established by industry specialist Stephen Groves and continues to offer an unparalleled commitment to customer service and technical support.


Our in-house team are able to assess the best approach for your business or project, and offer years of expertise and experience in the precision machining industry.

If you need precision machined components at a competitive price, get in touch with the team at SixDe today.

Custom Machining
Plastic Clamp | Injection Moulding

In addition to precision machining, our engineering team brings a multitude of cutting-edge techniques, including 3D printing, CNC machining, EDM plunger/sinker, EDM wire cutting and more. Get in contact today and discover how SixDe’s industry knowledge and extensive experience can benefit your manufacturing needs.

For precision engineering and machining in Perth, get in touch today.