EDM Wire Cutting

EDM Wire Cutting


EDM wire machining utilises sophisticated technology for the creation of complex machined parts. The process provides accurate handling of materials that would otherwise be problematic if subjected to conventional precision machine processes.


EDM wire erosion is used to machine parts of widely varying sizes, ranging from 4mm up to 500mm x 300mm x 260mm and weighing anything from a few grams to 600kg. The process can be used for a variety of electricity conducting materials, including tungsten carbide, exotic alloys, titanium and aluminium.

EDM Wire Cut pieces

Some of the advantages of EDM wire cutting include:


  • The ability to create complex parts, including 3 dimensional and advanced tapered profiles
  • High accuracy – to +/- 0.02mm and superior surface finishes
  • Wholly repeatable for large production runs
  • Suitable for any material that conducts electricity
  • Fast production


Why Use SixDe for EDM Wire Machining?


At SixDe, we know that you have multiple choices when it comes to a provider for your precision engineering needs. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide an unbeatable service to a wide variety of Australian and international industries.


The following are just some of the reasons that customers return to SixDe over and over again for their machining requirements.


  • SixDe uses the world’s best EDM technology, such as EXCETEK cutting machines
  • A local provider, based in Perth, WA, with full capabilities to serve the wider nation and an international reach
  • Unrivalled expertise in all aspects of precision machining, including EDM wire cutting and more
  • Bespoke planning, design and delivery for each customer project
  • Fast, value-for-money production, from prototypes through to large production runs
  • Outstanding customer service throughout, from first contact through the design process and delivery
  • Cutting-edge precision technology
  • Conforms to the highest Australian and international standards


Combining advanced technology, design expertise and cutting-edge processes with an affordable solution is at the heart of all that SixDe offer. From EDM wire cutting to a complete portfolio of advanced manufacturing methods, such as CNC cutting, precision machining, CNC machining and 3D printing, we’re the go-to provider for manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries.


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