Research & Development

SixDe CNC Machining in Perth have a team of specialists that are highly skilled in research and development.  Our goal at SixDe is to bring our experience to bear in order to support your product development goals.


With advanced manufacturing tools and workflow in-house, our team are able to work with you to transform your idea into a practical, functional product or component.


Using CNC precision machining, CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and experience with automation and robotics, our engineers can help you design the best solution for your business.  Get in touch today to start the conversation.


No matter what stage your engineering requirements are at, partnering with SixDe is the ultimate way to convert a blueprint into a functional component or system. From cutting-edge 3D printing to bespoke manufacturing processes, CNC machining, precision machining and more, contact our team today to see how we can help.