Custom Component | Pilates

Custom Component | Pilates

When LA Fit Studio came to us with a component from one of their Megaformer pilates machines that kept failing, our Lead Design Engineer Glen Brown saw an immediate solution.

The component in question was polymer, but with a constant, hard-wearing workload, the plastic would wear and fail to lock securely – making the machine difficult to use.

If you’ve ever been to a pilates class, you’ll know that it’s not only your body that get’s a serious workout. The machines take a considerable weight and movement workload, meaning a plastic component will always be the weak link in the chain.

Our team thought machining an aircraft aluminium version would solve the durability issue, so our design engineer created a 3D model the team milled a perfect replica. All we had to do now was put it to the test and wait to see if it would last the distance.

Two weeks later, we were happy to see that the aluminium component stood up perfectly under pressure. Additionally, the interlocking process is now more secure with the lack of flex keeping the machine locked more securely. With Summer just around the corner, it might be time to get down to LA Fit Studio to reverse engineer the effects of a long Perth Winter.