Luxury Motor Yacht | Custom Rail

Luxury Motor Yacht | Custom Rail

When you have a motor yacht big enough to land a helicopter on the deck, you have every right to describe it as luxury. Our client Echo Marine Group came to us with a custom manufacturing job that would ensure those landing’s were uninterrupted by the surrounding hand rail.

Beginning the job with a 3D model supplied by the client, our team went to work machining a prototype from 6061 grade Aluminium. Choosing the right grade of material is crucial when your component is going to be under the constant pressure of a harsh, salt-water environment. Metal exposed to wet, salt rich environments can suffer serious, fast acting corrosion. 6061 grade aluminium is a great solution for marine use with great corrosion resistance and precipitation hardening; a heat treatment technique that increase yield strength of malleable materials.

The component itself was engineered in such a way as to allow the quick reconfiguration of the rail to lower it upon approach of the helicopter. This removed the rail as an obstruction on the deck for safer landing.

With the yacht still currently under construction, our component will not be facing the elements for at least another 6 months, providing ample testing time for the mechanism itself.

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