Rapid Prototyping Made Easy With CNC Machining

Rapid Prototyping Made Easy With CNC Machining

The roadmap to successful product development is fraught with potential risk. However, the creation of high-quality prototypes needn’t be one of them.

CNC machining brings a multitude of benefits to developers. Advanced technology has removed many of the historical stumbling blocks that have typically slowed progress or even prevented development in the first place.

The following are 6 reasons why CNC machining offers a unique solution to the creation of small volume, highly accurate machine parts that can be used to test prototypes or models, make the necessary tweaks along the way, and can be used to bridge high level examples before a full production rollout.

  1. High accuracy: The latest CNC machining processes use cutters that produce parts with tolerances of +.05mm or better. Such precision is more than suitable for most commercial applications and prototypes.
  2. Cost effective: Today’s CNC machining technology is affordable. This considerably lowers production costs over that of more lengthy, traditional methods of the parts needed for accurate prototype creation.
  3. Speed of production: Lead times for producing parts are often measured in hours, not days or weeks. 3D CAD files and raw materials can be quickly transformed into physical prototypes, thanks to the collaboration of machine tools and the latest computer programs.
  4. It’s simple to make modifications: By its very nature, the process of product development usually requires some tweaking. CNC machining tech makes it simple for digital adjustments to be made and a new prototype to be produced in minutes.
  5. No limitation to materials: CNC machining can be used with an extensive range of materials. From plastics to metals, developers can test a variety of substances to test performance, longevity, cost and appearance.
  6. No fixed tooling required: Separate tools and dies are a thing of the past, as CNC machining doesn’t require them. The benefits over more traditional plastic injection moulding or pressure die casting means both costs and production times are dramatically reduced.

Perth-based Sixde offers a leading CNC machining service for Western Australia developers and the wider nation. With a passion for incredible customer service and a ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care’ ethos, engineers and companies can take advantage of a global standard service right in their own backyard.

Not only does this make turnaround times highly favourable, but the local advantage drives down production costs for customers as well as stimulating both the local and national economies.

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